“Brand is more
than your name
or your logo.
Brand is an



Recognized as a pioneer in the world of marketing and technology, Mary Ann O’Brien is the founder of OBI Creative, an Omaha-based marketing agency. She has co-authored Voice of the Customer surveys that have served as the foundation for numerous business success stories. From starting her first company at the age of nine to introducing a revolutionary approach to understanding customer journey mapping, Mary Ann has always been an innovative marketing consultant and entrepreneur.

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Growth demands action.

Mary Ann’s understanding of the multidimensional aspects of marketing and business growth draws from a well of wisdom gained through a lifetime of helping companies grow. Like yours. Consult with Mary Ann today.

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One idea can spark a lifetime of improvement.

Mary Ann is passionate about the transformative power of customer insights, disruptive thinking and constant improvement. Her energy and insights as a keynote speaker stimulate new ways of seeing marketing, business potential and growth. Book Mary Ann for your next company or conference event.

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