From Startup to Success Story: OBI Creative Joins the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies

What do OBI Creative, Mark Cuban, Jenny Craig, Jessica Alba, Damon John, Tony Shea, and Bill Gates have in common? 

We are all Inc. 5,000 honorees.

That means OBI Creative is in the top 5,000 companies in the U.S. in terms of growth. Using historical metrics, we are in the top half of one percent of all privately-owned companies. 

That’s better than 99.5 percent of everybody else. 

A 20-Year Goal in the Making 

It has been a goal of mine for years to grow the agency I started as an intrapreneurial startup in Gateway Computers decades ago into an Inc. 5000 firm. 

Today, I’m proud to announce that the moment has arrived. 

Skills, management, operation, vision, and creativity were all essential to our team achieving this milestone. 

OBI Creative grew from a Silicon Valley startup pioneering connected home technology and user-generated content BEFORE the Internet of Things and social media existed into an award-winning research, branding, and full-service advertising agency. 

In 2016, we took an important step forward by doubling in size and building out the Voice of the Customer (o.VoCTM) and Voice of the Employee (o.VoETM) studies, which are the foundation of our marketing efforts and which result in strategies and creative that are saturated in direct, relevant customer insight. (that’s what makes our stuff work so well!) 

Since then, we’ve continued to grow, always with an eye on revenue growth. 

What is the Inc. 5000? 

The Inc. 5000 list identifies the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America based on one very important metric – revenue growth rate. 

I’ve long had it as a goal to qualify for the Inc. 5000 because it is a strong indicator of success. And I love the list’s significance. 

As Inc. Magazine says, “The Inc. 5000, through good times and challenging times, represents nearly 40 years of exceptional American growth stories, and entrepreneurs have remained the benchmark for entrepreneurial success.” 

I come from a family of entrepreneurs and know firsthand the importance of entrepreneurs to the American success story – we are the backbone of American innovation and ingenuity. The individuals that make up OBI – they are the real heros of this story. They have dedicated themselves to one another and to our clients and it’s their work, their passion and their expertise that drive us. 

I’m beyond satisfied to have the agency I founded and the talented people who have helped grow it, and the many clients we’ve helped grow be part of our success story in being named to the Inc. 5000. 

The prestigious list is a testament to the remarkable achievements of companies that have demonstrated exceptional growth, innovation, and impact within their respective industries. 

What are the Inc 5000 Qualification Requirements? 

As Inc. Magazine says, “Companies on the 2023 Inc. 5000 are ranked according to percentage revenue growth from 2019 to 2022. To qualify, companies must: 

The selection process for the Inc. 5000 list involves a meticulous evaluation of companies based on their revenue growth over three years. 

This assessment examines a company’s revenue figures from the initial year to the final year under review. The primary criterion for consideration is a significant and consistent increase in revenue during this timeframe. 

In short, it’s not an honor you can buy or fake. 

Inc. Magazine collaborates with external data providers and financial analysis firms to verify the revenue figures submitted by companies during the application process. This ensures the accuracy and reliability of the growth data presented. 

This rigorous and transparent selection process recognizes and celebrates the achievements of dynamic and thriving businesses across the United States. 

Why Does it Matter? 

Each year, the Inc. 5000 list identifies companies spanning various sectors, from technology and healthcare to retail and manufacturing. 

By showcasing the top-performing companies that have achieved significant revenue expansion, the Inc. 5000 is a valuable resource for entrepreneurs, investors, and business professionals seeking insights into the evolving business landscape and emerging trends. 

Revenue growth rate is a financial metric that measures the increase or decrease in a company’s revenue (income generated from its primary operations) over a specific period of time. It indicates how fast a company’s revenue is expanding or contracting, providing insights into its performance and ability to generate more income over time. 

A high positive revenue growth rate suggests that a company is experiencing substantial expansion and attracting more customers or clients, resulting in increased sales and revenue. 

By having one of the best revenue growth rates of all American businesses, OBI Creative shows it is strong in three critical areas: 

Business Performance: We are the best of the best at capturing market share, introducing successful products or services, and effectively helping our clients grow. Our inclusion on the list shows that we are well-positioned and competitive within our industry. 

Market Demand: Rapid revenue growth indicates strong demand for a company’s offerings. It implies that people want to work with us because they know we know what we’re doing and will help them grow. 

Financial Health: Consistent positive revenue growth can increase profitability and improve financial stability. It has enabled OBI Creative to invest in programmatic advertising research and development tools and scale our operations. 

The bottom line is that inclusion on the Inc. 5000 list showcases our ability to fulfill our promises to our clients and our employees, and underscores our potential to inspire future growth and success. 

What’s next for OBI Creative? 

Guess what? We’re not looking back. We’re not done growing. In fact, we’re just beginning. 

We plan to keep improving, innovating and using customer insights to inspire us. I’m excited about the possibilities and opportunities we’re unlocking for clients. The rapid move to a Web 3.0 reality is changing how we live and work in many ways. 

As life becomes more decentralized and personalized, OBI Creative will be right there with it – leading, innovating, and strategizing ways to help businesses grow.  

When businesses succeed, communities flourish, and individuals thrive. That is the definition of success. 

I couldn’t be prouder to have my agency woven into the fabric of the American success story. I am humbled and honored, but I am not finished.  


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